When choosing pajamas, very little attention is paid to the quality of the fabric

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April 2, 2017
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November 22, 2017
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Much more important is the quality of the fabric, which directly affects the quality of your night rest. It seems that modern society has taught people not to relax under any circumstances.

Even when you come home and you can already give free rein and complete freedom to your body, the brain is still tuned to the fact that you need to make a positive impression on someone and harmoniously fit into the stereotypes of etiquette and behavioral norms imposed by someone.

Pajamas, in fact, is just the most intimate part of home wear, except for underwear, of course. So, when choosing this product of your wardrobe, you should focus primarily on your own feelings of comfort and coziness.

If you wear pajamas, you feel peaceful and calm, then a particular product is exactly what you need.

Best of all you will sleep in pajamas, which is made of natural fabric. For example, cotton, silk or satin fabrics – in any case, your body will be able to “breathe”, and if it sweats, it is only due to active feelings for the characters of your favorite series or from abnormal heat.

Yes, and then excess moisture will instantly be drained from your body, so that irritation will not follow.

Another thing is when you are guided when choosing pajamas with the same “how I look” and “what people think of me” thoughts. In such a case, most often the choice stops on bright and catchy pajamas, which, however, are made of synthetic materials.

Yes, there are synthetics in products made from natural ingredients, but there its share is negligible, and it is used only to make pajamas more obedient when ironing and washing.

But in the case of sleeping clothes made of polyamide, lycra or nylon, you need to keep your ear especially acute for those who have problems with allergic reactions to the effects of certain artificial components in clothing.

Do not forget that the purpose of pajamas is to directly contact your body. So it is unacceptable to give synthetics such undivided power over the most intimate and vulnerable places of your body.

Plush pajamas are very popular. But at the same time, the too long pile of plush pajamas, despite all the external beauty and even a certain amount of elegance, negates all the original impression. After all, it can cause redness and in some cases even skin itching, which is already very unpleasant.

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