We dealt with the material, it’s time to start analyzing the cut of pajamas

In the women’s wardrobe pajamas occupy a significant role
February 22, 2017
When choosing pajamas, very little attention is paid to the quality of the fabric
July 15, 2017
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A common standard is to choose pajamas that are several sizes larger than their true size.

It is advisable to do both men and women as at night your movements should not be cramped and possible dreams, with all the ensuing consequences in the form of tossing in bed and rolling from side to side, should not provoke a suffocating effect and damage to fabric.

If you pay attention to the cut, then for men pajamas with wide shoulders in the style of a “shirt” and the same wide pants will fit perfectly.

Women can also be guided by these parameters when choosing their night attire, but more often you can find elegant elements in the equipment of pants, which imply the presence of a rubber band in the lower leg area. However, it is like someone like that.

Additional elements of decorative design pajamas may be ryushki and lace, but with them, too, need to be very careful, as they can hurt you during sleep if they are too harsh.

You can say the same about the color of pajamas. No need to rush for bright colors and even acid shades for the sake of fashion.

Do not forget that first of all, pajamas should cause you to associate with high-quality rest and a peaceful sleep, and only then be household items in which you or your lover will surely be “caught off guard”. Pastel colors – the best solution!

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